Home Politics Rising star from British Conservatives defects to anti-brexit side

Rising star from British Conservatives defects to anti-brexit side

Under the former British Prime Minister Theresa May, his political star was rising within the Conservative party. But now former MP and former minister Sam Gyimah has joined the Liberal Democrats, an anti-Brexit party. He accuses Prime Minister Boris Johnson of taking the road of “populism and English nationalism.”

Last year he was known as a potential leader of the Tories, the party where Theresa May was at the helm at the time. But under Boris Johnson the former member of parliament has chosen a completely different route. He has turned to the Liberal Democrats because he wants to fight with that party against the harsh Brexit that the Johnson government is heading for.

And that takes some getting used to, he tells The Guardian. “I think I should say to myself in the coming days: Sam Gyimah (43), Liberal Democrat MP so I can get used to it first.” Today the party presented him as the latest addition. For Gyimah, however, it was a difficult switch. ,, This story has an enormous emotional side. I have been involved with the Conservative party for two decades. I fought for that party, convincing people why they should take the Conservative party seriously. It is sad that I am now at this crossroads, “says the politician.

Gyimah was one of the 21 MPs who were expelled from the Conservative party a week and a half ago. They agreed to a bill that states that the prime minister must request a postponement of the Brexit if he fails to reach a deal about leaving the EU.

Gyimah was Minister of Science in Prime Minister May’s government. Nor was the Brit pleased with her course. Gyimah resigned as a minister in protest against the Brexit agreement that May had concluded with the EU.

His criticism goes further than the Brexit. Gyimah believes that the Conservatives under Johnson are becoming too populist and nationalistic. Although the politician was born in Great Britain, he grew up in Ghana.

“What attracted me to the Conservative party was the value of one nation, a unity. Since the referendum, we have increasingly moved away from those values. It has become more intolerant.”

Because he did not want to leave politics completely, because he is not behind a hard Brexit, Gyimah decided to switch to the Liberal Democrats. Within that party, he fights against the growing intolerance.

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