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Qin Gang hopes the U.S. will work to resolve disputes

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has complained in a conversation with his American counterpart Antony Blinken that relations between the two countries have deteriorated at the hands of the United States since the beginning of this year. The two administrators called each other ahead of their meeting next weekend. Blinken will then go to China. He was actually supposed to visit Beijing back in February, but it was postponed following a row over a Chinese balloon in U.S. airspace.

Tensions between the two powers are caused in part by U.S. ties with Taiwan, international developments in technology and American criticism of, among other things, the treatment of the Uighur minority in the northwestern People’s Republic. Taiwan is an island that has been effectively independent since the Communist takeover in 1949, but China claims it as part of the People’s Republic.

Qin Gang hopes the U.S. will work to resolve disputes, increase cooperation with China and make relations between them healthier and more stable.

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