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President Zelensky wins parliamentary elections in Ukraine, however the turnout was low

President Volodimir Zelensky and his party Sluha Narodu (Servant of the People) have won the parliamentary elections in Ukraine according to the exit poll. The party comes out at 44 percent of the votes.

The pro-Russian Opposition Platform comes out at 11.5 percent. With this, Zelensky and his party achieved the largest profit margin in Ukrainian history.

The Opposition Platform is led by former presidential candidate Viktor Medvedchuk, a personal friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin and godfather of his daughter.

According to the forecasts, five of the 22 parties won more than 5 percent of the votes. The first official results are expected during the night from Sunday to Monday. The turnout would be 50 percent lower than in the election five years ago.

With this result, the president must look for a coalition partner in parliament. Zelensky also needs that majority for his promise to end the war in eastern Ukraine.

The president announced in a short reaction that he wants to invite the liberal party Golos (Vote) of rock singer Svjatoslav Vakartsjoek to talk about a possible coalition. On behalf of Golos, an employee has already said that the party is open to alliances with other parties, as long as they are not supported by oligarchs. Golos stands for anti-corruption and European values.

“I repeat this for every Ukrainian, our priorities are ending the war, returning prisoners and beating the corruption that continues,” said 41-year-old Zelensky. Zelensky has been promising since his entry into politics to end collusion with oligarchs. He therefore announced early elections on the first day of his presidency in April.

A rule that Zelensky introduced was that no candidate from his party should have been in parliament before. Most members of his party come from outside politics. Among others, economists, lawyers, scientists and a winner of Olympic silver in wrestling are in his party.

Zelensky is expected to announce his intended prime minister and ministers in the coming days. In addition to his fight against corruption, Zelensky is also in favor of a popular veto with which the population can vote for legislative proposals. Another plan of the president is to create an amusement park in Chernobyl.

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