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Pompeo: “No worries for entrepreneurs”

The trade barriers that the United States has created in recent years should not worry entrepreneurs. The US government wants open and fair trade relations. That said the American foreign minister Mike Pompeo, on the eve of the Global Enterpreneurship Summit (GES), the economic summit that starts Tuesday in the Netherlands.

Pompeo was asked about the ever-increasing tensions in trade policy between the US and China. According to the American minister, there has been unfair relations for decades, and President Donald Trump’s government is the first to try to tackle this.

“We hope that these top opportunities will create opportunities,” said Pompeo after consultation with Foreign Minister Stef Blok. “It is crucial that governments take steps to ensure that markets are open so that we can act on equal terms. That is how international markets should work.”

According to Pompeo, the trade relationship between the US and China has not been fair for decades. “President Trump is determined to resolve that. China has very unfair rules. We want a level playing field.”

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