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Pompeo: Former security adviser is a traitor and liar

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called former security adviser John Bolton a “traitor” and “liar.” Pompeo says that because of the book that Bolton wants to publish soon about working under command of President Donald Trump.

“John Bolton is spreading lies, perverted half-truths and fabrications,” said Pompeo. The minister is standing up for Trump, who also said that Bolton is lying. Trump called his former security adviser “a madman.”

“It is sad and dangerous that the last thing we see of Bolton in public is treason by which he harms the American people,” the minister writes in a statement.

In his book, Bolton writes, among other things, that Pompeo criticized the Trump’s foreign policy.

Bolton’s book has not yet been published, but several media reported on some of the passages on Wednesday. For example, according to Bolton, Trump would have asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping for help for his re-election.

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