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Police put an end to the Catalan separatist border blockade

The French police have cleared the important border crossing between Spain and France at La Jonquera. On the French side of the border, protests have been made since yesterday morning by the Catalan separatist movement Tsunami Democràtic.

The movement wanted the border crossing to be occupied for at least three days, but the police intervened this morning.

The motorway is now open again in a southerly direction. The police used tear gas and pepper spray during the evacuation. Nineteen people were arrested.

The activists were driven back to the Spanish part of the border, where they were met by the Spanish riot police.

A total of around 2000 separatists participated in the blockade. They blocked the border crossing with cars. They then camped and placed concrete blocks.

The blockade led to long traffic jams on both sides of the border yesterday.

With the blockade, Tsunami Democràtic wanted to make it clear that they want to talk about “self-determination, fundamental rights and freedom for prisoners and exiles”. The group emphasizes that consultation is the only way to resolve the Catalonia conflict.

In Catalonia, the unrest has flared up following the condemnation last month of a number of Catalan separatist leaders. They were sentenced to jail for between nine and thirteen years for incitement around the independence referendum in 2017. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Barcelona.

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