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Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin sanctioned by China

China has imposed sanctions on two American defense companies for the sale of weapons to Taiwan. The companies affected are Northrop Grumman and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. China is expressing its discontent with American support for the island through these actions.

The situation in Taiwan plays an important role in the tense relations between the two great powers. China regards Taiwan as a rebel territory and regularly conducts large-scale military exercises in and around Taiwan.

“Lockheed Martin, headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, was directly involved in the US arms sale to Taiwan, which was announced on August 24,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said at a regular press conference in Beijing on Friday, the day the sanctions were announced. ‘Northrop Grumman has been involved in a number of US arms sales to Taiwan.

In August, the US government’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced a $500 million sale of F-16 fighter jet equipment to Taiwan, with Lockheed Martin responsible for the delivery. The previous December, the agency announced that Northrop Grumman would supply Taiwan with anti-tank mine placement systems.

In addition, the US State Department announced last month that it would provide US$80 million in funding to Taiwan. According to the Department, the funds will be used to procure and refurbish armored vehicles, artillery systems, drones and anti-drone equipment, and to train and equip troops.

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