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No, Merkel’s plane has not been sabotaged

The problems with the government aircraft of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel are not caused by sabotage. There is no indication that there was a malicious intent in the technical malfunction, according to a spokesman for the German Air Force.

He contradicted messages that the plane would have been sabotaged. The Rheinische Post reported this on the basis of sources within the security services. According to the newspaper, the incident was investigated as a ‘criminal act’.

The pilot of the government aircraft, with which the German delegation traveled to Buenos Aires for the G20 summit, found technical problems after an hour of flying over Dutch territory. Some electrical systems had failed. The experienced pilot would have stated that there was an “unprecedented failure of the communication system”.

Such a failure was not considered possible, according to sources within the security services. That is why sabotage was also thought of as a result of a cyber attack on the device.

The aircraft turned and made an emergency landing in Cologne. Because the tanks were still full for the crossing of the Atlantic and no fuel could be discharged above sea, the landing gear was put to the test. The captain set the aircraft hard but safely on the ground. As a precaution, fire engines were put ready.

According to German media, there were problems with the same government aircraft last month. After a summit meeting of the International Monetary Fund, it was not possible to rise from Indonesia because of damage caused by rodents.

The German Air Force flies the Chancellor and Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz are now on a scheduled flight to Buenos Aires where the G20 summit is being held. However, due to the long flight duration, the Germans arrive late for the opening of the summit.

Initially, the intention was for passengers to continue their journey in another government plane, which is home to Cologne, but that was not possible.

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