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Mueller probe is over, nothing of interest is found

The American former special prosecutor Robert Mueller testified on Wednesday about the Russian investigation into the House of Representatives. Mueller did not release much news, but did repeat what the Democrats wanted to hear him say: President Donald Trump has not been released, contrary to what he himself claims.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Russian investigation, Trump stated that the final report of it had “completely and completely cleared him” and then repeated that claim many times. The investigators were able to establish “no obstacle to justice”, the president said.

“That is not what the report says,” Mueller said to Democrat Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Justice Committee. “The results show that the president has not been cleared of the actions he is accused of.”

The former special prosecutor also warned of “widespread and systematic Russian interference in the American elections.” Mueller said the Russian attempts to influence the 2016 elections and the risk that the Russians will try again in the future “pose a serious threat to American democracy.”

An exciting moment presented itself when California’s Ted Lieu Democrat asked Mueller about the possible cases of Trump’s obstruction of justice that Mueller’s team has listed in the report.

“I think that a reasonable person looking at all of these facts could conclude that all the elements that are involved in the crime of preventing justice are present here,” Lieu said, referring to the list. “I ask you, again: the reason you did not accuse Donald Trump is that the Department of Justice uses the directive that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted, correct?”

Mueller answered that question in the affirmative, and did so when the Republican Ken Buck from Colorado asked him if he could sue Trump for obstructing justice, once he is no longer a president.

Later in the day, however, he said: “I just want to go back to something that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu, who stated, I quote:” You have not charged the President for the Ministry’s directive. is not the right way to say that. What I wanted to clarify is that we have not made any decision about punishability. ”

The above exchange was one of the few moments when Mueller was willing to elaborate on the questions of Congressmen. It was already known in advance that he wanted to limit his answers to the content of his final report.

During the hour-long hearing, Mueller mainly gave brief answers that referred back to the report and refused to provide additional information about the course or origin of the Russian investigation. He was also unwilling to read from the Russia report, forcing Democratic Congressmen themselves to present pieces of text that they thought were relevant.

In the morning, Mueller first made an appearance at the House Justice Committee. He then went on to a hearing of the intelligence committee.

It was not the first time the former FBI director testified under oath in Congress. Commentators were surprised that he did not seem to have the sharpness they were used to from him in the past. Mueller often spoke very softly and seemed to hear some of the questions only partially.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives tried to question the credibility of Mueller and his team. In addition, much attention was paid to the origin of the Russian investigation. Some Republicans, including Trump, believe that party political considerations served as the basis for the investigation.

Mueller again denied that there was a “witch hunt” on Trump. Although his team did indeed include people who had donated to the Democratic Party in the past, there was no bias and they did their job carefully, the former Special Prosecutor said.

President Donald Trump also seemed to be following the hearing from the White House. In advance, he came up with a series of tweets in which he accused the Democrats of “illegally fabricating a crime and trying to get a very innocent president to pay for it”.

The president also stated that Robert Mueller wanted to become FBI director under Trump, but that position was rejected. Mueller denied that during the hearing.

Trump quoted Fox Presenter Chris Wallace after the first half of Mueller’s day in Congress, who said, “This was a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for Robert Mueller’s reputation.”

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., shared on Twitter a message from conservative political commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who wrote: “It is possible that Republicans have kidnapped the real Robert Mueller and put a mentally retarded lookalike in place. have put? “

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