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More than a third of citizens voted in advance

Over 50 million Americans have already made use of the possibility of voting in advance for the presidential election on 3 November. Over 35 million did it in the Mail, the rest did it in person. Never before have so many Americans voted so early. They may want to avoid crowds at the polling stations in this coronacrisis.

President Trump wants to cast his vote in Florida on Saturday. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife voted in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday. They were wearing mouth caps at the polls.

In Florida, one of the states that could be decisive for the election victory, more than four million people have already voted.

257 million Americans over the age of 18 are eligible to vote in the elections. However, there are also people who, as a result of the rules of each state differ, it is not the right to vote, for example, as a result of a criminal conviction. Almost 240 million people are actually allowed to vote, including Americans who live abroad.

The Department of US Elections Project of the University of Florida, which keeps track of how many people have already voted, estimates that as many as 85 million voters will have voted for November 3. That is, in the opinion of the observers, more than half. Elections Project expects 150 million votes. That would be a turnout of more than 62%. If this estimate is correct, this year’s election is heading for a record record record in the recent history of the US.

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