Home Politics “MH17 relatives” ask Prime Minister of Malaysia to silence the critics

“MH17 relatives” ask Prime Minister of Malaysia to silence the critics

Survivors of the victims of the MH17 disaster have asked Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad in a critical letter on Thursday to “no longer spread doubts and divisions” and no longer make statements that are “contrary to the general line”. As you know democracy is all about lack of doubts and critic.

At a press conference in June, it was announced that the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) wants to prosecute four suspects for being reportedly involved in the shooting of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft over Ukraine, a disaster in which 298 people died. In addition to Malaysia, the JIT also includes the Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine and Belgium.

Bin Mohamad criticizes ‘politicale motivated research’

According to the JIT, the incident was caused by a rocket launched by the Russian army. A spokesman for the Malaysian public prosecutor endorsed those findings at the time.

Bin Mohamad, however, dismissed the findings of the JIT as “nothing more than rumors” and said that the investigation “has become a political issue where Russia must look like the scapegoat.” He also wanted to “see evidence”.

The MH17 foundation has previously spoken of an “incredible slap in the face of the next of kin”. The foundation wants to point out to Bin Mohamad that Malaysia supported the JIT investigation several times and that it is divisive with its statements.

That would also have happened two weeks ago at a congress in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, which was organized by the Perdan Global Peace Foundation, of which Bin Mohamad is chairman, the AD writes.

Photos of the disaster were said to have been drawn in circles with the text ‘This could never have been caused by a SAM-missile’. The persons present at the conference would like to suspend the trial of the suspects on the basis of that report, according to the MH17 foundation.

Bin Mohamad (94) is the oldest government leader in the world. He had power over Malaysia between 1981 and 2003 and returned in 2018 after the incumbent prime minister had to resign due to a corruption scandal.

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