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“Leftist hackers” left Trump without the crowd

US President Trump held a campaign meeting for the first time in nearly three months. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, in an hour and 45 minutes speech, he defended his approach to the corona virus and criticized the downing of statues in his country by a “leftist mob”.

He further announced that the silent majority is “stronger than ever”, and that it will help him defeat Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the fight for president in early November, he promised thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

That was less than what he had hoped for in the first instance. In advance, Trump was counting on a packed BOK arena, which can accommodate 19,000 people. But a third of the seats remained unoccupied and it was also relatively quiet outside the event hall.

American media are campaigning on Tiktok and among K-pop fans as an explanation for the moderate turnout. The tickets were free, but you had to sign up. Anti-Trump-minded young people have booked places en masse, and have urged each other to do so via social media, with the aim of not showing up.

The calls were removed within a day to prevent Trump’s campaign team from learning about the action. It cannot be checked whether this is really the reason why there were far fewer people at the meeting than expected. But activists speak on Twitter about the “best senior prank ever,” the most successful brush anyone has ever been fried.

The campaign team therefore dropped the outdoor program at the last minute, where Trump would also deliver a speech.

At the beginning of his speech, the president seemed to blame arena protesters for the disappointing turnout. So did his campaign leader Brad Parscale, who claimed on Twitter that access to metal detectors would have been blocked by protesters, preventing Trump supporters from entering the field.

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