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Johnson will definitely not get a Brexit date election

The British House of Commons has, as expected, again voted against a call from Prime Minister Johnson to hold early elections. This makes it definitive that there will be no ballot box before October 31, the day of the planned Brexit.

Johnson needed a two-thirds majority, but he by no means made it. Only 293 of the 650 parliamentarians supported the government’s proposal.

The House of Commons has previously determined that Johnson should request a postponement of the Brexit if he fails to reach an agreement with the EU in time. But the prime minister has indicated that he does not intend to do that. He thinks he can still come to a deal, but otherwise he wants a no-deal brexit.

It is unclear what happens if Johnson ignores the no-deal legislation. Ministers called the law “worthless” and have announced that they will look for the edges of what is legally possible. Johnson opponents warn that he can be charged.

Starting today, the House of Commons has been suspended for five weeks.

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