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Johnson refuses TV interviews, BBC journalist challenges him to come anyway

Boris Johnson is the only British party leader who does not want to be interviewed by seasoned BBC journalist Andrew Neil. He also refuses an interview by TV channel ITV.

Neil addressed the viewers after his interview with Nigel Farage (Brexit party) last night. He said that Johnson, despite many requests, refused to commit. “The party leaders simply participated in all elections. To him.” Next Thursday the British will choose a new parliament.

Neil said he primarily wanted to ask Johnson about his credibility and listed the contradictions that the British prime minister had proclaimed. “These interviews have been an important part of our election coverage for decades,” Neil said in the camera. “In your name, we measure them and let the leaders be accountable. That is democracy.”

It is not too late yet, Neil said. The invitation is still there. At the end, Neil Johnson even challenged. “Our prime minister must be able to cope with Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi. Surely it is not too much to defy me for half an hour?”

Just like Farage, Johnson did not participate in a Channel 4 climate debate last week, after the station had therefore put two melting ice sculptures in the studio, some fuss arose.

By the way, Johnson will be joining a BBC program tonight. He crosses swords with Labor leader Corbyn in a one-on-one debate.

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