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Johnson and Hunt left to compete for British premiership

Boris Johnson and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt take on each other in the final round of the struggle for the leadership of the British Conservatives and therefore also the position of British Prime Minister.

Environment Minister Michael Gove is the last dropout. It was two votes short to penetrate the final round. Johnson received the most votes in the fifth round, just like the previous rounds (160). Hunt received 77 votes and Gove got stuck at 75.

The internal election of the Conservative Party is ultimately decided by approximately 160,000 members of the party. In the coming weeks, they will determine who will succeed Theresa May as British Prime Minister and party leader of the Conservatives. The result of the vote is expected at the end of July.

Johnson, the flamboyant former mayor of London, is the favorite to become the new British prime minister. Despite a series of scandals in the past and criticism of his lack of detailed file knowledge, he has dominated the race and is by far the best-known candidate of the two finalists.

Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May announced her departure last month after she failed to get her Brexit deal through parliament. Like most of its opponents, Johnson has promised to come up with a brexit deal before the October 31 deadline.

Johnson stated during a debate this week that the Brexit has already been postponed twice. “If we don’t get out on October 31, I think we’ll all pay a high price,” the politician warned, referring to the fact that his party has plummeted in the polls. However, he also emphasized during the debate that nobody wants a chaotic brexit without a deal.

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