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Joe Biden won Georgia, official results are coming soon

A second recount in Georgia has not significantly changed the outcome: Joe Biden has won the state. Evidence of widespread fraud, as president Trump claims, has not been found anywhere.

That said Brad Raffensperger, the Republican secretary of state of Georgia, at a press conference after the recount was completed. Raffensperger supported Trump in the election, but was now strongly critical of the president’s behaviour. Trump’s accusations threaten officials who organize the elections. Officials in Georgia therefore called on Trump to stop his unsubstantiated claims.

“Even after our request, he tweeted,” expose the Grand voter fraud in Georgia. “That is exactly the kind of language that lies at the root of a threatening environment for election workers who are simply doing their job,’ says Raffensperger.

At the first recount, Biden’s gap fell from about 14 thousand to 12,6 thousand votes, still well enough for the win. President Trump applied for a second recount, but it does not lead to any other outcome, according to Raffensperger. The official results will be announced later in the day.

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