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Joe Biden calls for more police on the streets, upsetting activists

U.S. president Joe Biden wants more money for the police and more blue on the streets, to make the United States safer. But Black Lives Matter activists want a small police force because of racist police brutality.

The black academic Donald Earl Collins speaks on the Arab News channel al Jazeera himself about a ” blue wall of white supremacy.” The police motto “to serve and protect” applies only to white people, Collins said, but not to black Americans like George Floyd.

“It’s ingrained, it’s Institutional, it’s personal, and it can be universal. All this is the key to why law enforcement in the US should be stopped and removed.’

“Defund the police” has been an important mantra of the BLM movement since George Floyd. This, while ultra-right Republicans are now calling for “defund the FBI” because of the recent FBI raid on a residence of former president Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida. Biden doesn’t really care.

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Jeff Roper has been teaching journalism for more than five years. A theorist who nevertheless took up some practice. He is fond of the history of journalism and journalism.

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