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Japanese Prime Minister keeps silence on his trick with Nobel Prize

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not want to say today if he nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Japanese did not deny that either.

Trump himself revealed Friday that Abe had nominated him for his prestigious award for his rapprochement with North Korea. The Japanese opposition has asked Abe in the Parliament for clarification. “It is the Nobel Committee’s policy to preserve the names of the nominees and those who have made them a secret for fifty years,” Abe said in the Japanese media.

I do not want to respond because of this policy.

Sources around the Japanese government later told the newspaper Asahi Shimbun that Washington had asked for it. The US asked Japan “informally” to nominate Trump for the Peace Prize. According to the American president, Abe even sent him a “nice copy” of the nomination. On a second nomination question, Abe said he had “never denied,” Trump said.

Although the Prime Minister did not want to go into detail, he was full of praise for his American counterpart. According to Abe, Trump ‘has responded decisively to the issues surrounding North Korean missiles and nuclear weapons and has reached a’ historic peak ‘with the country. The opposition believes Democrat Yuichiro Tamaki that a Trump nomination sends the wrong message to North Korea.

In a tweet, Tamaki said he was worried because there was little success in negotiating with North Korea on some points. For Abe, the role played by Trump in the Japanese role kidnapped by Pyongyang is one reason for the nomination of the American.

“He and the entire White House have been actively involved in solving the problem.”

North Korea admitted in 2002 that it had kidnapped thirteen Japanese citizens in the 1970s and 1980s. Eight of them died in North Korea. Five others returned to their country. Abe spearheaded the case and conducted an investigation along with Pyongyang. However, it may be many hundreds of Japanese, some of whom are still alive.

Trump could not let Friday scorn his predecessor and Nobel laureate Barack Obama. Obama received the 2009 Award, his first year as President, for the quest for a “safe and peaceful world without nuclear weapons.” Trump complained that Obama was “barely fifteen seconds” before receiving the prestigious award.

The deadline for nominations was midnight on January 31st. The Nobel Prize Committee will announce the winner of the Peace Prize in early October. The prize will be awarded on 10th December in Oslo. The organization’s website says there will be 304 candidates for the prize this year. Of these, 219 are people, while the other 85 are organizations.

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