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Italy and US strengthen ties

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was warmly welcomed by U.S. President Joe Biden during her first formal visit to Washington. Despite not sharing the same political color, the relationship between the United States and Italy remains strong. Biden now sees Meloni as an important ally, whereas he perceived her as a threat last year.

During the Italian elections, Meloni provoked with right-radical stances. However, in practice, the Italian Prime Minister appears much calmer and more pragmatic. “Biden says they have now become ‘friends’ and thanks Italy for its support for Ukraine. Moreover, Meloni is increasingly accepted on the European stage as a decisive premier.”

The visit of the Italian Prime Minister to President Biden strengthens the bond between the two countries. Previously, the American President was quite concerned about the rise of the right-radical politician. “But Meloni speaks English reasonably well and goes far in supporting Ukraine. That partly explains the warm reception in Washington.

Not only is the relationship between the two countries a focal point during the meeting between Biden and Meloni, but also the role of China is high on the agenda. Italy is the only G7 country that has joined the Belt and Road Initiative, a new Silk Road. Meloni will decide at the end of this year whether Italy will remain part of it or withdraw. De Vries fears that the latter option will provoke the wrath of Beijing.

However, Meloni does not believe it’s up to the US to dictate Italy’s China policy. But if she chooses to withdraw, Italy will lean more and more towards the United States. For Biden, it is crucial to maintain warm relations with Italy for multiple reasons. Italy will be the chair of the G7, the group of countries with the largest industrial economy, next year.

Furthermore, Italy has always been an important trading partner for the US. Many people with Italian backgrounds live in America, and there is a large conservative electorate. Meloni also visited the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives. But Biden didn’t seem to mind much. So, for the gallery, this was a successful visit of the Italian Prime Minister to the American President.

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