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Israel shares less intel with US since Biden was elected

The Israeli Secret Service shares less information with the American secret services since Joe Biden took office as president, The New York Times reports.

Then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was opposed to Biden’s approach to Iran and wanted to give him less information.

When Donald Trump and Netanyahu were still in power, almost all information about Iran was exchanged among themselves. Both countries did not want to talk to Iran at the time and saw a tough approach as the only solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Biden wants to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, which Trump left, and thus strengthen diplomatic ties with Iran, to the horror of Israel.

The current Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett is speaking with Biden on Thursday. It has to be clear whether the two trust each other enough to share more information. For Bennett, it will be important that Biden continues to support Israel’s covert attacks on Iran.

According to The New York Times, the US is almost entirely dependent on Israeli Mossad for information, because the CIA’s network has been shut down by Iran. A good relationship of trust seems important for both leaders. The US remains Israel’s main ally.

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