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Intel and others barred from supplying Huawei as the next round of trade war begins

American suppliers of Huawei are no longer allowed to supply certain products and components to that Chinese telecom giant, reports Reuters. The Trump government withdraws the permission previously granted to deliver some goods despite the Huawei ban. This includes processor producer Intel.

The relevant US suppliers have been informed by the government about the withdrawal of certain supply licences. Before, the Trump government has already imposed a broad trade ban on Huawei, which has already seen its smartphone business get in the way and eventually had to get rid of it. Now the pressure is being increased, reports Reuters based on initiated sources.

This latest development is officially due to suspicion that Huawei, supplier of Android smartphones and telecom infrastructure, is an extension of the Chinese government. This would allow for extensive cyber espionage, so the fears that have not been substantiated so far have not been substantiated. The ban on companies like Huawei is also part of the trade war between the US and China waged by US president Trump.

Trump continues in his last few days as president his approach to Huawei. At the end of the Trump era, a series of American actions against China will soon be carried out. According to schedule, Joe Biden will be elected president of the United States on Wednesday. It remains to be seen whether he will take a radically different China course, or whether the tech rivalry between the two great powers will continue.

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