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Hong Kong legislative body left without opposition

All the pro-democratic parliamentarians in Hong Kong have resigned after the Chinese parliament has decided to make patriotism a legal requirement for members of the Hong Kong Parliament. Under the new law, four members of the opposition were immediately deprived of their seats.

The decision further limits Hong Kong’s autonomy. With the new law in hand, the Chinese-minded Hong Kong government has immediately removed four opposition members from the so-called Legislative Council. It can be done now without the intervention of a judge. The opposition had already threatened to resign en masse if something like this were to happen.

’We, from the pro-democratic camp, support our disqualified colleagues’, said Wu Chi-wai, chairman of the Democratic Party. “We’ll resign together.” That decision means, according to local media,that there is actually no opposition in Hong Kong’s 70-seat parliament.

The new law is a harsh blow to the Democratic opposition in the former British crown colony. Hong Kong, a multi-million city, has been part of communist China since 1997, but has its own legal system and parliament. In that Legislative Council, only half the members of Parliament are directly elected. That fuels the unrest in the city, where some people demand more democracy.

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