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German Chancellor visits White House for ‘war talks’

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited US President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday. Among other things, they held talks about the war in Ukraine and about China’s growing role in the conflict. “We support Ukraine as long as necessary,” they said.

The conversation took place mainly behind closed doors. Biden praised Germany’s bolstered military support for Ukraine. Scholz stayed in the background for a long time, fearing interference in the war. But in January, he nevertheless decided to deliver heavy tanks to Ukraine.

“We are making the NATO alliance stronger,” Biden said.

Scholz’s visit comes as the U.S. talks about the possibility of imposing sanctions on China. Biden thus joins the EU’s threat to impose sanctions on China if the country is going to give military support to Russia.

The US is preparing another package of military assistance to Ukraine. The aid package has a value of around 400 million dollars (over 376 million euros). The aid includes ammunition for US-supplied Himars rocket launchers, howitzers and other military vehicles.

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