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Federal judge overturned Biden’s Title 42 suspension

A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked a decision by the Biden administration to stop keeping the U.S. border closed to migrants. In 2020, then-President Trump introduced the so-called Title 42 to protect public health in the US after the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Countries around the world then closed their borders to stop the spread of the virus.

Earlier last month, President Biden decided to suspend Title 42 on May 23. The CDC, the US counterpart to the RIVM, had determined that the measure is no longer necessary. Republican governors of more than twenty states, concerned about a possible wave of migrants, went to court to uphold the rule.

A federal judge in Louisiana has ruled in their favor. According to the judge, the CDC failed to explain why the decision was made without the required appeal procedure.

The US Department of Justice is appealing the decision. As a result, thousands of migrants in Mexican border towns are in uncertainty about when they can apply for asylum in the US. Since the introduction of Title 42, approximately 1.8 million migrants and asylum seekers have been expedited from the United States.

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