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Facebook to loose some screws on European political advertisement rules

Facebook would relax the rules for political advertisements for European parties, according to a letter in the hands of the Financial Times. A Facebook executive, Nick Clegg, would have written in the letter that Facebook wants to look at the rules together with the European Parliament.

At present, political parties must register in every European country to be able to display advertisements via Facebook. The rule was introduced to limit the amount of disinformation distributed via Facebook during elections.

The European parties want to get rid of this because it is too much work to do this in every European country. According to the parliamentarians, this would stand in the way of fair elections, because smaller parties would not have the means to arrange registration per European country in time. As a result, these parties cannot advertise in every country.

The intention is now to give nineteen parties special rights to publish advertisements in all European countries at once. Clegg reports that

“it will be a challenge to arrange this on time and that the parties involved must agree on a correct solution”.

The parties are going to advertise a lot again in the run-up to the European parliamentary elections. The parties are trying to reach voters from all European countries who go to the polls between 23 and 26 May.

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