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Donald Trump wants to sue tech brontosaurs

Donald Trump wants to sue Facebook, Twitter and Google, respectively Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Dorsey and Sundar Pichai. The former president of the United States has been banned from social media platforms since this year.

Through a class action, Trump can sue the three top men on behalf of a larger group of people, who according to him have been censored by a “biased policy”.

In a press conference, Trump spoke of a” wonderful “trial and a” crucial ” battle. He said his trial ” will put an end to censorship.”

Trump is supported by the America First Policy Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to continuing its policy. Former Trump officials Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins are part of the organization, with McMahon as CEO and Rollins as chairman of the board.

Trump invokes freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Many legal experts give the trial little chance of success and argue that it serves primarily as a publicity stunt for political purposes.

Trump’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were blocked in January this year after a large group of his supporters stormed the Capitol (the parliament building) in the US capital Washington. They did so after Trump lost the presidential election.

During the storm, Trump posted two messages on Facebook that, according to the company, called for “a violent uprising against a democratically elected government.”

Facebook initially wanted to block Trump’s account indefinitely. The company was heavily criticized by users, but also by its independent supervisory board, the Facebook Oversight Board.

In May, the latter finally ruled that Facebook had the right to block Trump in this situation, but that an indefinite sentence was too arbitrary. The social media platform eventually chose to keep Trump off Facebook for two years.

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