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Donald Trump strikes Obama back

President Donald Trump has lashed out at former first lady Michelle Obama. On Monday, on the first day of the National Democratic Convention, he did not abandon his presidency. Among other things, she called him ” the wrong president for America.”

”He’s in over his head,” said Michelle Obama in a video message. “Every time we look at this White House for a little leadership or comfort or some semblance of steadfastness, instead we get chaos, division and a total and complete lack of empathy.”

When Trump was later asked by a reporter for a response, he reacted agitated. , ”it’s growing over her head, ” it sounded. “By the way, she should have done her speech live. She didn’t. She recorded it in advance. Not only was he pre-recorded, she did it a long time ago. Because she had the wrong number of deaths [by COVID-19, Obama spoke of more than 150,000 deaths while there are now more than 170,000]. She didn’t even mention the vice presidential candidate (Kamala Harris, who was named last week).”

The remains Obama received beloved reviews for her speech. “If you were gonna make a real review, it wouldn’t be so creeping. I think they said what they said with her speech. A lot of research. Besides, I wouldn’t be here without Barack Obama. Because he did his job so badly. Just like Biden. If they’d done their job properly, I wouldn’t be standing here. I would have been somewhere about the fact that there have been and amused.”

On Tuesday morning, he had already responded to Michelle Obama in a few tweets. “My administration and I have drawn up the best economy in the world in history. We’ve shut it down, driven millions of lives, and now I’m building an even higher economic op.Er coming up with lots of jobs, NASDAQ’s on record high, and the rest will follow. Sit down and watch.”

The campaign of Joe Biden confirmed that Michelle Obama’s speech had been written before Kamala Harris had elected as his running mate.

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