Home Politics Donald Trump formally accepted the presidential nomination

Donald Trump formally accepted the presidential nomination

Sitting President Donald Trump formally accepted the candidacy for the US presidential election on behalf of the Republican Party on Thursday evening (local time). Trump called the upcoming elections in his acceptance speech on the closing evening of the Republican National Convention “the most important elections in the history of the United States”.

Americans must choose between “preserving the American Dream and a socialist agenda”, says the president in the White House Garden. The American president spoke for 70 minutes.

Trump was formally re-elected as presidential candidate by the Republican Party on Monday. He received most of the votes of the Republican Party representatives at the party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was already known that Trump would be re-elected. However, during the National Convention, the candidate is traditionally officially elected, as is the case with presidents in office.

According to Trump, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as president, will make jobs disappear abroad and China will gain a great deal of power in the United States. Trump promised in his acceptance speech to impose tariffs on companies leaving the US. He also accused his opponent of wanting to withdraw funding for the police. Biden has explicitly stated on several occasions that he does not want this.

The sitting president promised to restore the American economy. “If I’m reelected, the best will come,” says Trump. He also promised to defeat the corona virus. However, the number of infections with the COVID-19 virus in the US is increasing by tens of thousands every day.

On Monday Trump made an unannounced speech in Charlotte, criticizing the Democratic Party and the media, among other things.

Trump accused the Democrats, with their insistence on voting by post, “to use the corona virus to steal the elections”, a repetition of his claim that votes by post are prone to fraud. However, there is no evidence for this.

During the elections on 3 November, Trump took on Biden, who officially accepted his nomination at the Democratic Party convention last week. His vice presidential candidate is senator Kamala Harris. Trump is running with Mike Pence, his current vice president.

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