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China may stop exporting of rare metals to the US

China threatens to hand out a life-size thump to the United States in the trade war between the two countries. Media in Beijing openly allude to an export stop of rare metals to the US. This could paralyze a large part of the American economy.

“Do not say that we did not warn you,” is stated in the editorial of People’s Daily, a newspaper that serves as the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party. That is a very heavy expression in diplomatic traffic, which was also used, for example, in the run-up to military conflicts with India and Vietnam.

The editor-in-chief of the Global Times, another pro-government newspaper, says in a tweet that China is “seriously” considering stopping the export of rare metals.

China is by far the largest exporter of rare metals in the world, and supplies the USA in particular. That takes 80% of its rare metals, which are used in making lasers, airplanes, magnets and medical scanners, from the People’s Republic.

Stopping that export flow would be a reaction to the boycott that America has announced on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Companies such as Google and Qualcomm are no longer doing business with Huawei because of the boycott.

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