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China has been ignoring WHO and US aid for weeks

China is ignoring help from the WHO and US health organization in the fight against the outbreak of the new corona virus, writes The New York Times Saturday. Both have offered to send teams of experts, but China has not yet made use of it.

The help is ignored despite the fact that Chinese doctors anonymously say that the help is desperately needed. There was a great demand for specific expertise in various areas, the newspaper reports.

WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said about two weeks ago that China had promised to admit a team of international experts. Tedros made the statement after a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. After the conversation, Tedros praised the far-reaching Chinese approach to the outbreak.

That WHO mission is still going on, a WHO spokesperson said Thursday. But when it will take place and who will participate is still unclear. According to the spokesperson only a few details need to be sorted out.

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been making an offer with China for more than a month to send a team of experts. Such teams from the CDC can usually be on their way to their destination within 24 hours, writes The New York Times.

However, China did not invite the Americans to send a team despite the bid. No one can publicly explain why, the newspaper reports.

On an anonymous basis, diplomats argue against The New York Times that the highest leaders in China do not want the world to think that the country needs outside help.

China received severe criticism in 2003 for its response to the SARS epidemic, which at the time gave very little openness and killed nearly eight hundred people.

More and more Chinese citizens are now also expressing their dissatisfaction with the Chinese government’s approach to the new corona virus, including on social media. The discontent reached its peak after the death of doctor Li Wenliang. He warned of the outbreak at an early stage and was arrested for it. He later died after becoming infected with the virus.

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