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Catholic Church in USA considers denying Biden the gift of Communion

Catholic priests in the US now want to refuse Holy Communion to US president Joe Biden. A statement on this subject was approved by a divided Catholic Bishops Conference on Thursday. The reason for this is Biden’s progressive view of the right to abortion.

168 bishops at the virtual meeting voted in favor, 55 voted against, and 6 abstained. Many clerics find it offensive that Biden goes to church every Sunday and receives communion – an important part of Christian doctrine, in which mass visitors receive a host – but continues to defend the right to abortion. Biden is the second Catholic president of the United States after John F. Kennedy.

Biden, a descendant of Irish Catholics, often speaks publicly about his faith and goes to mass almost every Sunday, but his support for abortion and for same-sex marriage is, according to proponents of the document, contradictory to the Church doctrine. Abortion, although legal in the US for 48 years, is and remains unacceptable to them. To clarify this for all Catholics is an obligation, according to some bishops.

Other progressive Catholics in the US may also be denied Communion from now on, says the controversial document. Wilton Gregory, the cardinal of Washington, D.C., believes that his priests will not deny Biden the host. The White House hasn’t responded yet. The matter will be further discussed at the next Episcopal Conference, which will take place in November.

The American Roman Catholic Church has seen its membership decrease by almost twenty percent over the past two decades. This was revealed in a poll by the authoritative Gallup in March. The main reason for this is the many abuse scandals with priests. It was also found that American Catholics are internally strongly divided on social issues. In 2021, 70 million Americans say they are Catholic.


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