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British government wants to suspend parliament in the run-up to Brexit, opposition is furious

The British government wants to suspend parliament for a few weeks. According to Prime Minister Johnson, this is necessary because he wants to present his government’s new plans on October 14, but the president of the lower house and the opposition are furious. Johnson would like to put Parliament out of action to prevent the House of Commons from blocking a no-deal brexit on October 31.

Johnson contradicts this and says that there is “enough time” to debate the Brexit.

If it is up to the prime minister, the parliament, which will return next week from summer recess, will recess again from 9 September, until 14 October. The parliament is supposed to be in recess between 13 September and 8 October because of party meetings, but Johnson wants to add a few days to that. However, it was taken into account that the conference recess would be called off or shortened due to the upcoming Brexit.

Parliament’s President Bercow, a fellow party member of Johnson, does not have a good word for the intended suspension at the BBC. He speaks of a constitutional disgrace. ”

It is obvious that this step is only intended to prevent Parliament from debating the Brexit.”

The Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, who is against the Brexit, speaks of an excessive measure that could lead to a vote of no confidence. “This government will fall,” he says.

The opposition, too, has reacted furiously to the news and calls the intention undemocratic.

Johnson has said several times before that the Brexit will take place on October 31, in whatever way. A majority of the lower house does not want that to happen without an exit agreement with the EU, the so-called no-deal Brexit.

The opposition had been warming up for weeks to do everything it could to stop the no-deal brexit. By steering the parliament with recess for a few weeks in September, Johnson is reducing the chances of parliament being able to do something.

It is an unprecedented step to make an attempt to put Parliament out of play in a time of political crisis.

Several prominent British (former) politicians, including former Prime Minister John Major, have said they will go to court if Johnson would try to suspend parliament to push a no-deal Brexit through it.

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