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Brexit deal almost on track after a compromise with Boris Johnson

The British government and the EU would almost agree on an arrangement for Northern Ireland after the Brexit. The Guardian reports that. According to sources from the British newspaper, the arrangement amounts to border controls along the Irish Sea. The British part of Ireland (Northern Ireland) would formally remain within the customs territory of the United Kingdom.

The border control along the Irish Sea was still unacceptable to the predecessor of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Theresa May, and the pro-British Northern Irish unionists of the DUP in the Lower House do not want border controls with the rest of the kingdom. The DUP has repeated this again tonight. The party has ten seats in the Lower House of 650 members.

But with this compromise, Johnson could still say that Northern Ireland continues to belong to the rest of the kingdom, according to The Guardian. The draft agreement or treaty could be published tomorrow morning. Then it would be on the agenda of the European summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels just in time.

A foreman of the fiercest advocates of the Brexit within the Johnson Conservative Party, Steve Baker, told reporters in London that after a conversation at the prime minister’s office, he is “very happy that the government is making progress”. According to him, it is possible to make an acceptable arrangement.

Boris Johnson reports on Twitter tonight that it is “time to get the Brexit done” and “let’s take the first step.”

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