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Blinken comes to London to promote anti-China sentiment

Blinken took a harsh tone in an interview with CBS News about the G7 meeting in London, the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that the ministers have physically met. When asked whether the United States and China are heading for war, Blinken replied that it is ” totally against the interests of both China and the United States to reach that point or even go in that direction.”

But according to him, Beijing is not making it any easier with its aggressive behavior. By this he probably referred to China’s actions in the South China Sea and the increasingly harsh language used by Beijing against Taiwan, which considers it a renegade province.

On Monday, The Philippine Foreign minister, Teodoro Locsin, also made a strong statement about China’s behaviour in the waters on which it makes highly controversial territorial claims. The Philippines has been complaining for some time about the presence of Chinese ships operating in the country’s exclusive economic zone without the consent of Manila.

Blinken also complained of the theft of industrial secrets and intellectual property to China, which, according to him, in the hundreds of billions of euro’s run. According to him, China is increasingly behaving in a hostile way in this area too.

Last week, president Biden accused Beijing of not keeping to the agreements it agreed with the Trump administration last year on trade between them.

Also in March, Blinken collided with his Chinese colleagues during a meeting in Alaska. This meeting culminated in a fierce tirade by China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi, who accused the US of oppression and abuse of its financial hegemony.

At the G7 meeting in London, the ministers will discuss ways to control the coronavirus pandemic, among other things. But the United Kingdom and the US also want to address the increasing cyber attacks by Russia and China.

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