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Biden will announce a ‘symbolic’ boycott of Olympic games in Beijing

The US government will not send government officials to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. President Joe Biden is officially announcing the diplomatic boycott this week, the sources say.

The National Security Council of the United States, which, according to CNN, discussed the boycott in private, refused to confirm the news on Sunday.

China, for its part, has threatened to take countermeasures if the boycott is carried out. According to Zhao Lijian, China’s spokesman on behalf of the State Department, the US should not implement its intention to harm China-US dialogue and cooperation in key areas‘. ,, If the US willfully sticks to this course, China will take decisive countermeasures”, says Zhao.

In mid-November Biden said he was considering a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Games in China. A White House spokesman explained that the US is particularly’ seriously concerned ‘ about the human rights situation in Xinjiang. Washington accuses China of genocide against the Uyghurs in that region, but Beijing denies it.

The US government would see a diplomatic boycott as a good way to send a clear message to China, without the American athletes being penalised. In the event of a diplomatic boycott, they can still travel to China and participate in the Games. A diplomatic boycott of the Games threatens to further increase the already existing political tensions between the US and China.

Governments usually send a large delegation of high-ranking diplomats to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Because of corona, however, this would be a lot less at the upcoming Winter Games. In addition, the Chinese state newspaper Global Times reported last week that the Chinese government in Beijing has no plans at all to invite American politicians. The boycott will therefore be largely symbolic.

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