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Biden wants US to return to UN Human Rights Council

The United States wants to rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council. International press agencies report this on Monday on the basis of statements by senior American officials. The country left the council under former President Donald Trump in 2018, a decision that the current President Joe Biden would now like to undo. The United States wants to join as an observer this year in order to become a full member in the future.

An anonymous source of government tells AP that the Biden government believes that changes are needed within the council, but that it can also be an important body to “fight tyranny and injustice across the world”. By participating, the US could ensure that the council ‘exploits this potential’. The council has a variable composition of 47 countries, each of which is a member for a period of three years.

When Trump became president, the US was already a member of the Geneva – based Council-a legacy of its predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump withdrew in 2018, a year after Obama joined for a third time. The Republicans say the council has anti-Israeli sentiment. Talks to make changes desired by the US did not produce anything at the time.

The UN Human Rights Council was established in 2006. Then American president George Bush refused to join. Like Trump, he felt that too much attention was being paid to violations by Israel and that some member states were preventing the conduct of friendly countries from being investigated.

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