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Biden is following Trump in China policy

China is angry with the United States for once again putting Chinese companies on a list of economic sanctions. These are 23 companies and organizations from China that the US believes are involved in human rights violations of minority groups in the Xinjiang region.

According to human rights organizations, at least one million Uighurs and other minorities, mainly Islamic, are being held in concentration camps in that region.

US blacklisted companies cannot do business with US suppliers without a license. Companies are also subject to strict controls.

The announcement leads to anger in China. It speaks of ‘unreasonable oppression’ and says that international trade rules are being undermined. The Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs refutes allegations of human rights violations in the Xinjiang region and is considering “necessary steps to protect their own interests”.

The idea of the blacklist is not new. In November last year, the then US president Donald Trump already compiled a list of 31 Chinese companies for security reasons. The companies would have too close links with their own government, which would allow them to spy on other countries through them. At the time, the list led to great indignation among Chinese companies and rulers.

The question was long what the current President Joe Biden would do with the initiative of his predecessor. Many had expected him to reduce the list to improve the relationship between the US and China, but he did not. Last month he also added 28 companies to the list, which now consists of about 80 Chinese companies.

The economic sanctions against these companies are reported to take effect on 2 August.

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