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Biden becomes formal candidate for 2020 presidential election

Former Vice President Joe Biden has formally applied for the presidential election in 2020. The 76-year-old Democrat warns in a video message that his country’s “core values” and international reputation are at stake. Behind the smokescreen, Democrats are considering victory nearly impossible and Joe Biden is no more than technical candidate.

Biden was previously the vice president under Barack Obama. He now opens the frontal attack on the successor of his former political boss, Republican Trump (72).

“If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally change the character of our country.”

The political veteran is not the only Democrat who wants to take on Trump in 2020 on behalf of his party. Numerous party members have already registered and may later compete against each other. The former vice president is currently doing well in the polls.

According to American media, Biden struggled for months with the question whether he would apply again. He tried that twice before, in both cases without success. This time his age can also play a part. If Biden wins the election, he returns to the White House at the age of 78.

The politician has made no secret of his aversion to Trump, whom he blames for being disrespectful with women. Biden announced in a speech last year that he would have beaten Trump if they had both been students. The president then said on Twitter that “Crazy Joe” would soon go down in battle.

Biden recently received criticism for his habit of touching or kissing people during political meetings. Several women said they felt uncomfortable about it.

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