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American engineer and his wife arrested, charged with espionage

On Saturday, the United States arrested a couple who allegedly tried to sell data on nuclear-powered submarines to foreign countries, the US Department of Justice reports on Sunday.

Instead of a foreign spy, the couple did business with an American undercover agent of the FBI for almost a year. The couple consists of a 45-year-old nuclear engineer, and a 42-year-old wife from Annapolis Maryland. The FBI and NCIS, The Navy’s Criminal Investigation Service, arrested the two in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

The man works for the United States Navy. That’s how he had access to classified military information. During the undercover operation, he and his wife received cryptocurrencies worth $ 10,000 as a down payment for information on the design of American submarines.

The couple left a memory card with stolen information in a peanut butter sandwich at a previously agreed place with the undercover. Two months later, they did the same thing, but in a pack of gum. During the third appointment, the couple were arrested.

The two are due in court on Tuesday for violation of the Atomic Energy Act. Depending on the final charge, they risk the death penalty.

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