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US wipe North Korean deadline off the table and want to negotiate again

The US special envoy for North Korea calls on Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table. He thereby responds to earlier threats from the nuclear power. “We are here and you know how you can reach us. Let’s get things done. ”

Stephen Biegun made his appeal at a joint press conference with his South Korean colleague in Seoul, a few days after North Korea conducted a missile test. The tensions have increased in recent weeks after a series of tests. On December 5, Pyongyang demanded that the sanctions be relieved before the New Year, otherwise Washington could expect “a Christmas gift,” the country said.

Biegun called the North Korean statements “hostile, negative, and unnecessary,” and wiped this deadline off the table. He said the United States “has a purpose, not a deadline.” Earlier, US President Trump said that the sanctions will not be lifted until North Korea completely shuts down its nuclear program.

The dialogue about dismantling the controversial North Korean nuclear power program has completely stalled. Last Saturday, state media KCNA announced that the country had conducted a new test from its launch base for long-range missiles Sohae. According to North Korea, it was “a crucial test,” which further increases “the country’s nuclear deterrence”. No further details were disclosed.

The Sohae rocket base was to be dismantled last summer following an agreement between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. However, in March this year, experts already warned that the base was operational again.

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