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Old Porsche 911 or the new one – 992?

The Los Angeles car show has not started yet, but the firsts have already leaked here and there. After the new Range Rover Evoque leaked the new Porsche 911. The 992 series has evolved a little bit again.

There are only three photos, but it is enough to see that Porsche – happy – has not changed too much of the new 911. The 992 follows the 991 and that is far from the date, so there is not much that needs to be changed.

At the back, the engine is still in the same place and of course Porsche continues with the so stylish continuous lamp on the back. After all, the car is good. The louvres in the longitudinal direction under the rear window we also know from the second version of the 991. The horribly large exhaust holes are also sporty, as well as the enormous rear wheels that we see below this example.

From the front, it will be more difficult to keep the two generations 911 apart. This also indicates that Porsche was satisfied with the appearance of his last fairy. We still have to wait a few days for the specs (turbo engines and even hybrids) and better pictures. Until that time, it just happens with this leak.

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