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Tesla gets Trump support in battle for factory opening

If it is up to US President Donald Trump, automaker Tesla should be able to open his factory in California as soon as possible. Trump wrote that in a message on Twitter. Tesla opened its factory in Fremont, California earlier this week, which goes against the decision of local authorities.

“California should allow Tesla and Elon Musk to open the factory NOW. It can be done easily and safely,” the president tweeted.

Musk, the chief executive of the electric car maker, thanked Trump through the same medium.

The Alameda County health service, of which Fremont is a part, announced that the so-called Gigafactory may not be fully open again until next Monday. Tesla must have implemented sufficient security measures against the new coronavirus in its only car factory in the United States. Tesla was previously forced to shut down several US factories due to lockdown measures.

Tech news website The Verge reports that Tesla is also preparing to fully open another factory in the city of Reno in Nevada. Tesla would have made that known in an internal email. Initially, this factory for batteries and car parts would only partially open.

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