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Dutch minister demands more toy female miners

Dutch Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Emancipation) calls on toy manufacturers to “examine” role-confirming toys in their collection. Van Engelshoven also has a discussion about stereotyping with the publishers of textbooks.

The minister makes her appeal after it has been announced that in French toy stores next year the classification of “boys” and “girls” will come to an end. It is therefore no longer possible to advertise by gender in leaflets. And store staff will no longer be able to ask parents: “Is it for a boy or a girl?” The business community is also going to develop toys “that do not discriminate.”

What a heck…

In December 2018, Van Engelshoven also spoke about gender stereotypes during a TED talk. Even today, advertisements for toys show plenty of stereotypical role models, she noted.

“Girls are caring, boys are adventurous.”

According to the minister, women are unintentionally trapped in part-time jobs due to gender stereotypes and are unable to develop personally and professionally. And because of financial dependence, they can no longer leave their relationship if they want to.

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