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Columbus Police releases body cam footage

Police in the city of Columbus have released more quickly than usual the footage of the body cam of an officer who shot a black teenage girl yesterday afternoon. She would be 15 or 16 years old.

“Normally, we don’t release information as quickly as we do now,” Columbus police chief said a few hours later. “But we understand the public’s need for openness and the expectations about it.”

Almost half an hour before the verdict in the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis, someone in Columbus called the police. He or she said that women tried to stab the reporter and others, the police say.

The footage from PD bodycam shows that the first officer on the scene is trying to calm those present at a residence. Almost immediately on his right a woman or girl is attacked by the teenage girl and a man. Immediately after that, the teenage girl attacks another girl or woman.

It all takes place in a matter of seconds. The officer then draws his gun and fires four times, after which the teenage girl collapses. A kitchen knife falls to the ground next to her.

Other agents, who are here now, are investigating the girl. They tried to save her life and also called for medical help, the police said. But when she arrived at the hospital, she was dead.

The chief of police said that lethal force may be used by officers to protect themselves and others, and that investigation will show whether this officer was right to use his weapon.

For the mayor of Columbus, that’s not a question.

“The footage shows that the agent took action to protect another young girl from our community.”

When the police in the town hall showed the images to the Press, Demonstrators gathered in front of the town hall who protested against the girl’s death and demanded openness about what had happened. In Columbus, there are multiple investigations into fatal shooting incidents involving police officers.

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