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Yellow Jacket not convinced at all, new demos planned in Paris

The discourse of the French President Emmanuel Macron has not dissuaded the dissatisfaction of the “yellow vests”, a citizens’ movement that struggles against high fuel prices and increasing taxes. On the contrary, many are disappointed and want to continue their protest. On Saturday a new demonstration is planned in Paris, one of the spokesmen, Eric Drouet, announced on Tuesday evening.

Drouet was met by the French Minister of Ecological Transition, François de Rugy. The meeting lasted almost two hours.

“But the French are not convinced at all”, he explained afterwards. “We expected more. We feel that people do not really want to improve the lives of people. We want a debate that goes beyond ecological transition and insists on new consultations. “

The ‘yellow vests’ plan a demonstration next Saturday at the Champs Elysées in Paris. At a manifestation last weekend it came to violence and dozens of people were arrested.

President Macron made it clear on Tuesday that he is sticking to his plan to increase excise duties on diesel and gas early next year. But he promised to introduce a mechanism whereby the taxes would be adjusted at the moment when the oil prices would rise sharply.

Minister De Rugy, in turn, promised to organize debates in all French departments, where citizens can express their opinion.

The yellow vest movement has in the meantime become difficult to get organized. Officially there is now a group of eight spokespeople, but from the bottom up there are questions about their right to speak for the group.

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