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Twitter labels Trump remarks as a ‘potentially misleading information’

On Tuesday Twitter labeled two tweets from Donald Trump as potentially misleading information. It is the first time that Twitter has interfered substantively with the messages from the American president.

These are tweets that Trump posted on Tuesday claiming that voting by mail would be prone to fraud and lead to “unfair elections”. Twitter has posted a blue label to the tweets that read “Read the facts about postal elections here.”

At the beginning of this month, Twitter announced that it would place labels on tweets that may contain incorrect information about the coronavirus or other subjects.

The social platform calls it its task to “find reliable information and stop the spread of potentially harmful and misleading reporting.”

Trump reacted furiously via Twitter on Wednesday that his tweets have been marked as misleading. According to Trump, the company is so unwillingly involved in the presidential elections.

“Twitter thus suppresses freedom of expression and I, as president, will not allow it!” Said Trump.

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