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Trump complains about Fed interest rates again

US President Donald Trump has again emphasized that he believes interest rates in the United States can be lowered. Via Twitter, he complained about the umbrella of central banks in the US, the Federal Reserve, which, according to him, uses excessive interest rates.

It is certainly not the first time that Trump has criticized the Fed’s policies. The president has often called that raising interest rates is bad for the US economy. He sees more salvation in an interest rate cut.

The Fed does not want that, partly because the US is doing very well economically in many areas. For example, job growth is very strong. However, the Fed does not exclude any interest rate cuts, for example to boost inflation. Trump called the low inflation in the US a good thing.

Trump also accused Europe, but also other economic power blocks, of manipulating the value of currencies. According to him, the US is the victim of this.

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