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The Farce is over, let some other show begin

The US Senate has acquitted President Donald Trump on Wednesday of both charges against him. Trump was accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The hundred senators acted as jury during the political process. A conviction required a two-thirds majority of 67 votes.

Result vote first indictment: abuse of power

Guilty: 48
Not guilty: 52

Result vote second indictment: obstruction of Congress

Guilty: 47
Not guilty: 53

The result means that Donald Trump remains president of the United States.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney made history by being the first ever senator to vote for the conviction of a president from his own party, for the first indictment, to the anger of his fellow party members.

Anonymous Republican party officials told CNN that Romney had not informed his colleagues in advance. They fear that the news about his unorthodox decision will drown out the news about the acquittal of the president in the media.

The White House said prior to the vote that one or two Democrats would acquit Trump. This appeared to not be the case. The two independent senators in the Senate agreed with the Democrats.

At the start of the Senate political trial last month, it was already clear that Trump was likely to be acquitted. His Republican Party has a majority of 53-47 seats there.

Republican political party leader Mitch McConnell said that his party considered the trial illegal and would almost certainly vote for acquittal.

According to Democrats in Congress, it was their constitutional duty to hold the president to account, even if his acquittal was guaranteed. They have said that they will continue to investigate Trumps trading.

The House of Representatives’ sediment investigation revealed that Trump was putting pressure on the Ukrainian government to damage his political rivals.

According to the defenders of Trump, that belongs to the powers of a president or is not serious enough to justify removal as an offense.

The acquittal puts an end to the deposition case that has occupied American politics since the Ukraine issue became public. This happened last September, when the House was informed of a whistleblower complaint about a telephone conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on 25 July.

The House interviewed seventeen witnesses during the deposition investigation and viewed thousands of documents. Trump was formally charged on December 18 (impeachment).

The second indictment against him, obstruction to Congress, was based on the White House’s refusal to cooperate in the settlement investigation. Subpoenas for documents were ignored and potential witnesses were instructed not to appear before the House.

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