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Sanders and Biden are predictably critical on Trump’s handing of virus emergency

During a televised debate, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have criticized the way in which US President Donald Trump is tackling the coronavirus outbreak. The two Democratic candidates, battling together who will face Trump in November in the presidential election, believe the president has declared a state of emergency far too late.

Former Vice President Biden said he was ready to use the military against the lung virus. “This is like war. And during a war you do everything that is necessary to take care of our people. ” His plan is to have the military assist local authorities in building hospitals and taking other necessary measures.

Sanders also attacked Trump hard. “We must silence this president. Because it undermines the work of doctors and scientists trying to help the Americans. It is unacceptable to hear him talk about non-factual information. ”

Biden announced that he would appoint a woman as vice president if he was elected. “If I am elected president, my cabinet, my government, will look like the country. And I promise to appoint and elect a woman as vice president. There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow. ” Sanders did not want to go that far, but said it is likely that he will also go for a woman. “For me, it’s not just about nominating a woman, it has to be a progressive woman. And there are progressive women available. So I have a strong inclination in that direction. ”

The confrontation between Biden, who leads the Democratic primaries, and his main rival Sanders, was originally supposed to take place in Phoenix. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the debate is being held in a studio in Washington with no audience. When they entered the stage, they gave each other an elbow salute, in accordance with the advice to avoid shaking hands.

The debate comes two days before the primaries in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio and Florida. Those states have announced that they will simply continue voting. Extra measures are being taken to ensure that the voting booths remain clean.

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