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Police is going after critics of “commercialization of Holocaust”

“The statements about and against the organization of such a commemoration are completely inadmissible and police will investigate the statements and of course persons responsible for them.”

That is said police chief Sander Groenewoud of the police Southwest Drenthe in response to the threats at the Camp Westerbork remembrance center.

Those threats, intimidation and insults came after it became known that a walking tour would take place on 15 June between the former war camp and the city of Groningen.

“It is regrettable that the organization felt compelled to cancel the event,” said Groenewoud.

This walking tour was organized as part of the Night of the Refugee. That fell into bad soil in Jewish circles. The walking tour was among other things called ‘commercialization of the Holocaust’. According to a police spokesperson, the investigation is a priority and several suspects are assumed. The police do not want to say anything about the threats themselves in the interest of the investigation.

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